Faith Is About Trusting God Even When You Don’t Understand His Plan

If you don’t understand that everything serves His plan, you’ll get bitter, give up on your dreams. That’s what keeps us from seeing what God is up to. Some of the challenges you’re facing and things that don’t make sense, don’t have anything to do with now. They’re positioning you for something in your future. If you’ll stay in faith, over time, you’re going to see how God connects the dots, how it was all a part of His plan—strategically orchestrated.

The way we respond in difficult times will determine if we get stuck or move forward towards our destiny. Shake off any defeat mindset and get back up, keep believing and walk by faith knowing that God will make it up to you.

Faith isn’t about asking God to stop the storm. Faith is about trusting God to help you through the storm. Just believe.

Faith is a process. It happens one step at a time. Trust God with the little things, meditate on His Word, and watch your faith grow. Faith is expressed through our words and actions. Speak faith, live faith, and grow in faith. Your faith is pleasing to God.

Having faith is different than having understanding. When you don’t understand what’s happening, trust the One who holds the future. Trust that God is still at work in every area of your life.

Do you believe God has placed something in you? If you know it, hold fast to your profession of faith. Don’t let circumstances sway your belief. Stand strong on God’s Word because He is faithful, and He will complete what He’s started in your life!

When you put your faith in Christ and His finished work at the cross, He makes all things new. The past is gone and your future is secure. Because He lives, we have everlasting life. That is reason to celebrate!

I want to encourage you today to write your prayers down. Stay focused in faith until you see the promise come to pass. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself that God is working in your life even when you can’t see it!

There is power in prayer, there is power in agreement, and there is power when we lay hands on people. When we connect with others and with God, miracles happen.

Today, I pray that we remember that faith is about believing it before we see it. It’s about trusting that God is in control when things aren’t going our way, and it’s knowing that what He promised overrides all the forces that are trying to stop us.

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