Don’t Miss This Powerful Message, “Spending Time With God Is The Key To Our Strength And Success In All Areas Of Life” From Joel Osteen

Be sure that you never try to work God into your schedule, but always work your schedule around Him.

I’ve learned n seen so much growth in my relationship with the LORD now that I MAKE TIME EVERYDAY FOR HIM. I’m in his presence a lot, just him n me. It’s beautiful and peaceful. The Love is so overwhelming. God bless everyone here.

What a comfort it should be knowing that God is with us, everywhere we go and He’s ready to talk with us about everything in our life.

We don’t just HAVE TO trust God, we GET TO trust God. It’s a privilege to be able to trust God. What an honor it is to have a God who is faithful and we know loves us, who has all power and all wisdom and all knowledge, who’s everywhere all the time, and never takes His eye off of us for one moment.

In the presence of God, we are refilled, refueled, refreshed and renewed (Acts 3:19-20)!

Healthy relationships are built upon spending time together. This includes our time with God! It can be hard to get quiet nowadays. There’s always notifications, text messages to read or thoughts swirling through our brains. But sometimes we hear God best in silence.

So turn off, unplug and take some time in silence before God. You could choose a verse of scripture to focus your mind on during that time. You may even want to set a timer and start with just one minute of silence each day.

No matter what goes on around you in the world, staying focused on Jesus is essential. Spend time in His Word so that your mission and purpose in God is center to your daily focus. Stay close to His word so you can act upon it in belief and trust.

​”​Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

Fix your eyes on Jesus and trust that the promises of God are yours.

Every day we have the choice to put God first in all that we do. When we put Him first, everything else in our life falls into place. Start the day right by spending time with Him in prayer and reading the Word!

Spending time with God shouldn’t be mundane. In fact, when you start experiencing His presence and sense Him speaking to your heart, it will become your favorite part of the day!

If you’ll make spending time with God a priority in your life, you will see Him move mightily on your behalf.

Get up each morning and connect to the power source by spending time with God. Draw strength from Him. Receive His wisdom, receive His peace, and receive His power. Then you’ll be able to go out and fight the good fight of faith. I know if you’ll do this, you’ll come up higher and higher. God will pour out His blessings and favor and you’ll live the exceptional life He has in store for you.

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