Congratulations! Today Is The Day That You Will Receive An Answer To Your Prayers

Your prayers don’t have to be proper, perfect or serious because God knows your thoughts and your ways even before you speak them!

Trust God and His perfect timing for your prayer and how He wants to answer it.

God is a good God, and will never harm you. Anything good comes from the Father alone.

If something is challenging you, or perhaps emotionally hurting you- just know God will bring you through it and this could be a trial for you that He needs you to go through in order to spiritually mature and lean on Him more.

Sometimes the answer to our prayer is being formed in the journey God currently has us on.

Isaiah 40:31 says: “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”  This means that as we wait on Jesus to deliver the miracle or breakthrough, we are walking by faith and not by sight.

As we wait, we are gaining strength in our trust for Him because we know that God can deliver what He promised us. If it seems like your prayers aren’t being answered right away, shift your perspective and ask God to show you how your situation really is a part of His answer.

Sometimes when life gets tough and God doesn’t answer our prayers or give us clarification, it can seem logical to think that God is distant. Sometimes, even when God feels far away, we need to rely on our knowledge that He is there.

When you just can’t find the words to pray, God still hears your heart.

​God hears every word you say, so He must then hear every prayer! God loves you and wants a relationship with you. Even if you cannot find the perfect words, God understands what is in your heart.

Even if you feel like your prayers are not being heard, they are and God will hear the truth of that prayer and answer you in wonderful and unexpected ways! He has a good plan in mind for you. So remember this, you’re not being rejected; you’re being protected. You’re not being overlooked; God has your best interest at heart and is guiding your path.

Have faith for God knows the deepest cries of your heart. He knows how deeply you long to be loved. What you need most is a relationship with Him, and somehow what you pray for changes and what you thought you needed to be happy might change too!

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