Christ Makes Everything New – Joel Osteen Today’s Word

TODAY’S WORD: God will make all things new in your life. He will redeem everything you lost and grant you strength, wisdom, anointing, and peace in Jesus’ name.

With the new year comes fresh starts, resolutions, and new beginnings. It is a time for making plans, setting goals, and writing visions. But the greatest “new start” of all comes through Jesus Christ. Second Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a NEW creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

Allow Christ to create you a new creation, and the old will pass away if you need a fresh start this year in any aspect of your life. When you call on His name, He will give you a fresh and correct spirit!

It’s time to forgive; it’s time to release the hurt; it’s time to bury the hatchet. This is the start of a new day. God will make things lovely in your life as you forgive. You’re not just helping them; you’re also helping yourself. Make your decision.

Tell your child, parent, or friend that you need them and that you value them. They didn’t appear in your life by chance. Mercy will be shown to you in proportion to the mercy you show others. Life is brief, and time flies. They aren’t going to be here all the time.

You may expect to enjoy a joyful, fulfilling life if you put God first and make pleasing Him your primary goal. Scripture states, “God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” Notice who God rewards. Not people who half-heartedly seek Him, only seek Him when they have a problem, or come to church only on special occasions.

“When you reach out to hurting people, that’s when God is going to make sure your needs are supplied. When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”

All through the day, instead of trying to do everything in your own strength, relax and stay in peace. Take the pressure off, God is not asking you to control everything. He’s telling you to relinquish control. Do what you can and allow God to take care of the rest.

This is a new year and a new day. God has provided you with another opportunity. He’s working on a new relationship, a new business, a new breakthrough, and a new win. Take a step forward into the unknown.

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father, as we enter into a new year, I choose to put You first. Wipe the slate clean as I develop a deeper personal relationship with You. Thank You for new beginnings as I walk every day with You in Jesus’ name! Amen.

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