Behold the Giant Bananas of Vietnam: Over 350 Bunches, Some up to 2m in Length!

A banana tree with more than 2m in length, more than 350 bunches in the mountainous district of Ha Tinh is causing a stir.

Nearly a month ago, the house of Mr. and Mrs. Le Hong Phu and Mrs. Dam Thi Loan (in Son Hong commune, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province) had many curious people coming to admire the banana tree in full bloom with more than 350 people.

According to the family, this is a single species of banana that was imported from the North for testing around a year ago. The banana chamber is more than 2 meters long, while the trunk is only around 3.5 meters high and 30 cm in diameter.

Ms. Loan said that to prevent the banana from falling, the family made a pillar to support it. Currently, the first bunches of bananas have begun to ripen, but the flowers below continue to develop.

“The care of this banana is no different from other banana species, just plant it in a cool, humid place for the tree to grow. Banana flowers continue to grow, the tree is expected to give nearly 500 bunches, “said Loan.

According to the family, banana flowers continue to grow, the tree is expected to give nearly 500 heads

Mr. Pham Van Nam, Chairman of Son Hong Commune People’s Committee (Huong Son District, Ha Tinh Province) said that this is a rare case of bananas with hundreds of clusters like that, which has never happened in the area before.

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