Baby Born With Striking White Hair, and Mom Couldn’t Be Prouder

Before he was born, we had settled on the name Redd for our second child, as long as he didn’t have red hair. When he emerged with a full head of white hair and stunning blue eyes, we were overjoyed (and relieved).

My husband and I should have recognized there was something strange about the “baby with the white hair” when nurses (who were not our nurses) came in to examine him.

My husband and I were both so happy to show him off.

We both had blonde hair from birth (as did my first son Gage), so seeing our second child with blonde hair was nothing out of the usual for us. We are overjoyed that our youngster has lovely hair that stands out from the crowd. We feel God has bestowed a miracle upon our family.

Three things stand out in my mind from the first month we had him at home.

The first was his hair. It was so white that it would sparkle in the sunlight. I pointed it out to my mother-in-law, who just stared in awe and said, “He’s like a special little fairy.”

The second was the way his eyes were constantly gazing up and tracing back and forth. I tried blocking his vision with my hands in the hopes that he would look down, but nothing worked.

Third, when he was in certain lights, his blue eyes would occasionally flare crimson. This was by far the strangest occurrence, but like the others, I figured it was because he was a newborn and would outgrow them.

We went to a number of beaches and playgrounds at dawn or dusk because of his sensitivity to sunshine, so he could play safely. Because we were typically the only ones there, this became enjoyable for us.

I’ve always felt that the best defense we can provide Red is to teach him how to be confident in himself and how to respond appropriately to people who mock him.

If you know anything about my guys, you know they’re boisterous and energetic, and Redd is more than capable of keeping up and holding his own.

We’ve tried our hardest to raise Red to be just like any of our other sons (and we’ll do the same with Rockwell), with no restrictions or barriers to him doing new things.

This story was written by Patricia Williams (@snagdip) and a portion of it originally appeared on Fashion Mamas. It was reprinted with permission.

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