Always Pray And Never Give Up, Prayer Becomes More Powerful And Effective When We Receive By Faith What We Are Believing For

When you’re in a difficult time, more than ever, you need to look for opportunities to do good. When your dream seems impossible, find someone and help their dream come to pass.

It’s good to pray, believe, work hard, but some things are not going to happen if you’re only focused on yourself. As you bless others, God will bless you. As you show favor, favor will come to you.

Prayer becomes more powerful and effective when we receive by faith what we are believing for. Quit playing in your mind those negative thoughts, stir up your faith and declare God’s promises over your life. Healing, promotion and blessing are already set for you!

When you pray, something powerful happens. All of heaven stops; the Creator of the Universe comes to attention. That’s when supernatural things take place. But don’t just pray for yourself; pray for others. Use that power to help somebody else reach their destiny.

God hears our prayers and wants us to pray continuously. No matter where you are, present your requests to Him with gratitude.

God never tells us to pray that we’ll never have problems. He tells us to pray that when we have them, we will be steady in the storm!

Prayer changes everything. God is always listening to your prayers. Come to Him and tell Him your worries, your needs, your wants, and your desires. Make your prayers specific!

​God hears every word you say, so He must then hear every prayer! Even if you cannot find the perfect words, God understands what is in your heart.

Even if you feel like your prayers are not being heard, they are and God will hear the truth of that prayer and answer you in wonderful and unexpected ways! He has a good plan in mind for you. So remember this, you’re not being rejected; you’re being protected. You’re not being overlooked; God has your best interest at heart and is guiding your path.

Have faith for God knows the deepest cries of your heart. He knows how deeply you long to be loved. What you need most is a relationship with Him, and somehow what you pray for changes and what you thought you needed to be happy might change too!

Every day we should pray, “God, is there something You want to do through me today? Show me somebody that I can help. I’ve got a plan for the day, but if You need to interrupt me, You’re welcome to.”

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