Agreeing with God – Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional

Take a step of faith and no matter how you feel, agree with God that He loves you. The key to success in life is spending time with God. If you think you’re too busy to do so, think again!

You are wonderfully made and have many talents and strengths. You are valuable, and as a believer in Jesus, you are the righteousness of God in Him. You have rightness before God instead of wrongness—be thankful for that amazing gift!

Stay in peace, knowing that God wouldn’t have allowed it if He wasn’t going to use it for your good. It may not feel good, but this is where you have to show God what you’re made of.

Anyone can be happy when things are going their way. Anyone may thank God when doors open, but if you want to pass this test and perceive God’s favor in fresh ways, you must also praise Him when things don’t work out, smile when you could be whining, and be kind to others when they aren’t kind to you. This is the essence of faith.

Begin to speak out against feelings of insecurity and say, “I belong to God, and He loves me!” (see Ephesians 2:10). We believe more of what we hear ourselves say than what others say, so start saying something good and drown out the other voices that condemn you.

God is going to make a way where you don’t see a way. He is not just a way maker; He is the way. He can create what you need. That’s why He’s called the great I AM.  “I AM whatever you need. I AM favor, I AM breakthroughs, I AM healing, I AM abundance.”

Fight for your own rights! Battle the good fight of faith and refuse to live below the standard Jesus has set for you. Your greatest days are still to come; they are still ahead of you. Every good thing God has put in you will come to fulfillment. Get in agreement with God.

Prayer Starter: I thank You, Father, that I can boldly declare in faith who I am in Christ. Thank You that You created me as one of a kind and You love me dearly. Today, I choose to believe that I am Your workmanship. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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