Admiring the Extraordinary: Artistic Creations that Leave us in Awe

Chad Knight is a 41-year-old visual artist creating mind-bending 3D drawings. His unique approach to digital sculptures fascinates people all over the internet.

Chad said: “I think I became a visual artist at conception.”

He added: “It is more who I am as a person than what I do. However, the reason I make digital art is that I have a very overactive, noisy mind. Creating modern art is one of the few things that allow me to present. I skateboarded professionally for 16 years.

It served as my creative expression at the time. Since I don’t get the chance to do it as frequently and I’m not as excited about breaking bones anymore, I’ve switched to exploring visual art.”

Knight reveals, that the desire to continually improve is a significant motivator in his creating process and that he enjoys both: the process and the result.

Many people look for symbolism in Knight’s surrealism works, and they are right too. “Everything on my work represents something or someone. My art is very much like an encrypted journal that I can share publicly.” publicly.”



Make Your Own Reality


Earth Angel

Bolt From The Blue

Minds Run Wild



Return To Mother Earth

Pink Mirror



Sides Of The Story

 Faith Without Works Is Dead

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