A Prayer For Those Feeling Insercure

Insecurity, self-doubt, and fear can totally prevent us from ever reaching our full potential. But if our confidence is in Christ rather than in ourselves, we are free to develop our potential because we are free from the fear of failure!

When we struggle with insecurity, only one thing will set us free, and that is God’s truth. The truth is that we don’t need to struggle to get from man what God freely gives us: love, acceptance, approval, security, worth and value.

Imagine fear, worry, doubt, and insecurity living in your house, dragging you down, stealing your joy, taking your peace. That may be the way it’s been, but this can be a new day. It’s time to do some house cleaning. You need to evict some tenants that have been living in your mind. The good news is you’re in charge. They may seem bigger, stronger, more powerful, but you determine what stays in your mind.

You need to tell fear, “You’re evicted; you’re not welcome here anymore. I’m not living afraid of what might happen. My future is in God’s hands. Nothing can stand against Him.”

Tell worry, “You’ve been with me long enough. I’m sorry, you’ve lost your lease.” Tell doubt, “Your time is up. I’ve got some new rules; you have to go.” Tell insecurity, “Sorry, no more place for you. You’re out of here. See, you are not going to be the same again.”

He is our Refuge, our High Tower, our Strength, our Stronghold in times of trouble and our Hiding Place (see Psalm 9:9; 31:4; 32:7; 37:39; 46:11). Our worth, value, acceptance and approval come from Him. As long as we have those, we have the most valuable things in the world.

As you look to Him, you will be lifted to new levels of freedom, becoming the confident, person you were created to be.

Prayer Against Insecurity: “God, I do not have to feel insecure about share what’s on your heart. Your word says that you are continously at work for the good of those who love you. And because You are with me and for me, I have absolutely nothing to fear.

“Help me focus on Your goodness instead of my weaknesses. Help me to have peace in you regardless of what others may think or say about me.

“Thank you, God, for hearing my prayers. I know that you are with me and that you will give me the strength to get throung everything that comes my way. Amen.”

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