A House Is Not A Home Without God In It – Joel Osteen

What would you want? A house is just a house! But a home holds life, and lots of love, and blessed by God, and blessed with much happiness and laughter and respect for others always, only a few gifts from God, so invite him into your heart and pray for guide you in your choices, A home belongs to him.

A house is not a home without God in it. So very true God is always in my heart and he walks beside me every day. I can’t ask for more knowing God is with me. God is where ever I am and my family because God is in my heart always and he guides me.

I wouldn’t be on the world without His will, I wouldn’t be alive without Him, I wouldn’t have what I have without Him, without His love for me. My life, health, my possessions, everything is because He is my, everything. My home is His Temple. No matter how things are going on in my home, hard times, financially, it’s still a Home…my Home, my kids Home.

Without Jesus in our life we are nothing with him in our life we have everything I don’t want material things because when u die u can’t take it with u my love for Jesus and my friends mean more to me and no money could ever buy that true love means more to me than anything

God is going to make a way where you don’t see a way. God is not just a way maker; He is the way. He can create what you need. That’s why He’s called the great I AM.  “I AM whatever you need. I AM favor, I AM breakthroughs, I AM healing, I AM abundance.”

God is love, and we are never more like Him than when we are loving others. How do we love others? When you think about what love is, do you ever find showing love difficult? Do you ever struggle with patience? Do you ever get easily angered?

One time, they asked Jesus what was the greatest commandment. Jesus answered by saying, “To love God with all of your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.”

God is the center of all things! My dwelling place is my altar glorifying and thanking God for His mercy and love for me. How true thank God in our home he places as every morning and every day Praise be to you O mighty father and Jesus name Amen. Our house is calm and Family uniting when we give God the Love He should get for all Blessings we have. God is good with us all.

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