16 Funny-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables That Forgot How To Be Plants

You’d think that a carrot is a carrot, but that’s just not the case – some carrots are just carrots, and others are also intergalactic superheroes. And we have enough of fantastic exotic fruits and odd vegetables to back it up.

In truth, there is quite a variety of reasons for which fruits and veggies can grow into weird shapes. The most common is damage/scar tissue. If a fruit or vegetable has a scar, especially in the early stages of growth, the rest of the plant may become deformed and the growth there may be slowed. Uneven soil fertilization in the case of root crops can also result in odd growth; carrots, for instance, have been known to branch out and sprout arms into adjacent soil pockets.

Fruits and exotic vegetables can often be forced to grow into certain desired shapes, although none of these weird fruits shown below are artificially shaped. Tree and vine fruits can be made to grow into shapes like squares, stars, hearts, or any other amusing fruit shape by confining them in glass containers. Some grow pears that resemble Buddha, too!

A Sophisticated Radish


Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear As A Carrot

A Duck-Shaped Tomato

 A Happy Eggplant That Wants To Hug You

A Radish And A Carrot Taking A Bath

A Goose-Shaped Gourd

An Evil Tomato

A Bear-Shaped Potato

A Long-Nosed Eggplant

A Duck-Shaped Gourd

Terrified Peppers

Baby Carrot Won’t Let Go Of It’s Mother

A Rabbit-Shaped Tomato

A Running Radish

A Long-Faced Eggplant

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